On the politics of publicity

An advertising firm specializing in social media marketing contacted me this week. They inquired if I would be interested in carrying a text-based ad on this poorly-trafficked site, promising a fixed upfront annual fee.

I failed to see the advantage that advertising with me would bring to their client(s), and told them as much, asking “Who are your advertisers and what is their target demographic?”

For $150 a year, the company will draft a blog post to place on this site. This is dependent upon their client’s evaluation of my site content for compatibility. As an example, I was directed to a post on a blog devoted to family vacations at Disney resorts. Embedded within a heartfelt description of one anonymous family’s vacation experience was a hyperlink to the  Virgin Atlantic airline company (there were no other links in the post content).

This earnest rendition of familial bliss was produced by a team of content writers – subject to approval by the blog’s creator (Disney).


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