Documentary Protocols

“The Page as Alternative Space” in Documentary Protocols (1967-1975)

Publisher: Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Edited by: Vincent Bonin with the collaboration of Michèle Thériault
Design: FEED

Documents: Art Workers’ Coalition, N.E. Thing Co., Joyce Wieland, Intermedia Society, A Space, Véhicule Art (Montréal) Inc., General Idea / Art Metropole, Image Bank, Western Front Society, Glenn Lewis, Michael Goldberg, Vidéographe

Introduction: Michèle Thériault, Essays by Anne Bénichou, Vincent Bonin, Marion Froger, Kristy A. Holmes, Primary Information, Felicity Tayler, David Tomas. Essays by V. Bonin, A. Bénichou and M. Froger also in French.

416 pp., b.w. illustrations (perfect binding)
Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery


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